Dad, Keep Going On!Watch now (6 min) | February's exhortation and encouragement to family discipleship
Genesis 13: Abraham the Selfless PeacemakerWatch now (10 min) | Strife is unavoidable. But what you do when it breaks out reveals much about you. Abram provides a Christ-like example.
Genesis 12: God‘s Call to AbrahamWatch now (11 min) | The call to a life of walking by faith does not prevent stumbles along the way. Abram's faithfulness is not guaranteed, but God's…
Genesis 11: Babel and Divine JudgmentWatch now (10 min) | Men seek to unite around one area, but God confounds them by a miraculous judgment of languages.
Genesis 10: The Table of NationsWatch now (10 min) | A 30,000 ft. look at God's government of the world before we trace His redemptive plan through Abraham and his posterity.
Genesis 9: A Fresh Start but Similar ProblemsWatch now (10 min) | Noah is given the opportunity to start again with the reassurance that God will never again flood the world. But although the flood…
Genesis 8: God Remembers Noah and All That Was With Him in the ArkWatch now (10 min) | After 371 days, the Ark comes to rest on the new world and Noah worships God.
Genesis 7: The Ark is the Only Way to Escape JudgmentWatch now (9 min) | Noah obeys God and enters the Ark with his family as the only people to survive God's display of wrath upon the world.
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