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Genesis 7: The Ark is the Only Way to Escape Judgment

Noah obeys God and enters the Ark with his family as the only people to survive God's display of wrath upon the world.

Reader Thoughts and Questions

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Chapter Notes


  • This chapter details God’s call to Noah and his family to enter the ark, the commencement of the deluge, and the resulting destruction. God spares just enough to repopulate the earth with man and animals.

  • All sorts of questions arise from unread critics concerning whether the ark would be large enough to preserve all the non-aquatic and non-insect creatures. But the math has been done, and this isn’t an issue. Check out AIG.

  • We are given a remarkably brief insight into what must have been a monumental effort of organization and execution of various skills. From harvesting and storing food, to engineering the ark to house and feed animals, manage waste, move air, preserve knowledge, etc.


  • v. 1 - we begin with an invitation that is repeated throughout the Bible in various ways. God invites sinners to “come.” Thus, the ark typifies Christ in a sense, but perhaps more accurately it represents the outward visible body, such as Israel or the Church, since not all who entered proved themselves to be genuine believers. 

  • v. 1 - As it was for Abraham, so it was for Noah. Abraham believed God his faith resulted in an imputed righteousness. So it was for Noah. 

  • v. 5 - again we read of Noah’s diligence to obey. 

  • v. 7 - Noah preached to the world, but only convinced his children and their wives. 

  • vv. 7-10 - all that was needed to replenish the earth was contained in the ark. Just as all that is needed to live a godly life, well-pleasing to God, is found in a faithful church.

  • v. 16 - a wonderful picture of eternal security. God shut HIM innate everyone. At this time, perhaps he is the only one truly saved. When you accept God’s way of salvation and trust in Him, He will hold you secure to the very end. The Lord shuts us into Christ so that none can perish or be plucked from Christ’s omnipotent hand. 

  • v. 17 - just as the waters of judgment bare up the ark, so it is for all believers today. Romans 8:28 tells not that all things work together to make life okay for the believer, but all things work together for good. How? Because they conform us more to the image of Christ. When surrounded by suffering, God uses it to create distance between us and this carnal world and to help us trust more in Christ. God does not remove His people from the storm, but shelters them and bears them up amidst it. What is a savor of death to the unbeliever, is a savor of life to the believer.


  1. The flood stands as a monumental and unparalleled event to proclaim until the end of time that you do not indulge in unbelief, impenitence, and procrastination. Do not ignore its message. It is sobering to all but the most foolish. We know that Noah’s world failed to expect the flood and were not prepared (Matt. 24:39). Christ’s second coming will be similar (Matt. 24:32-33). Make sure you are not caught off guard.

  2. Like Noah, each of us must recognize that we possess a certain influence over others. We must employ that influence a) for the salvation of souls, b) towards as many people as God puts in our path. Our family, church family, employees, neighbors, etc. They need to know Acts 4:12.

  3. Have you come, not just into the church, but into Christ? Are you saved? Are your sins forgiven? What use is knowing your Bible if you ignore its principle emphasis, namely, that God commands you to turn from your sin and believe in the Son of God for your salvation. There were no pious doubts for those that refused to enter the ark. There was no honor in questioning the warnings from Noah. So it is with Christ. Question and procrastinate to your own destruction.

  4. Though Noah encouraged all his family to enter the place of safety, we learn later that they were not all saved. Let this be a lesson to parents. First, you are responsible to do all you can to put your children in places that will spare them divine judgment. Second, you cannot save them. Your best efforts cannot match the work of the Spirit of God upon the hearts of your children. Pray much.

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Family Worship Companion
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