Dec 3, 2023Liked by Armen Thomassian

Thankyou Armen . As we enter into a month where there is much talk of gifts, it’s always good to be reminded of the ‘greatest gift of all ‘ God bless 🙏

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Dec 5, 2023Liked by Armen Thomassian

Hi there! Can you add us to the live Q&A from your church? Laurajhults@gmail.com


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Dec 4, 2023Liked by Armen Thomassian

Dear Pastor Thomassian,

Thank you so much for this video... I just listened to it again. As in matter of fact I have been wanting to ask you some questions for a long time. This is one of them: I just posted a setmonclip from one of your adresses to the Foundations conference on a website I started to promote United prayer in the Netherlands. Is this OK with you? ( www.meteenmond.nl/nieuws )

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