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I have never thought of when people go out “by faith” to do an endeavor that is not blessed by those in authority over that person to be a lack of faith before. However, it makes sense since God controls all things and maybe that is why when people marry someone against parental consent under the covering of “well my parents aren’t Christians” God does not bless those marriages. The same could be said of people who go out to be pastors or missionaries on their own account without the blessing of the leaders of his church. Thank you for another devotional.

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You are welcome, sister.

There may be exceptions, e.g. unreasonable parents exist and can be an affliction to their children. But exceptions only prove the rule. Even in such cases, the unreasonableness of parents can be confirmed or denied by an objective party, such as church elders. It can be wise for parents to initiate discussions with church elders when they are failing to convince their children. But they need to be prepared and willing to receive from elders counsel that suggests the son or daughter be supported rather than resisted.

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