Nov 28, 2023Liked by Armen Thomassian

Thank you for this devotional. I do agree that boys and young men need to consider their role as providers when choosing a career. May the Lord give wisdom and understanding for our young men to choose wisely and to work hard in whatever circumstances they are in. We’re praying as a family for God to make His will clear for our boys in this regard. I love the example of Joseph’s work ethics, regardless of circumstances, he always worked hard for the Lord.

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God will lead your boys if they are surrendered to Him, sister. But it’s good to be intentional with them. It won’t solve every challenge or answer every question for every young person, but it is easy to fall into an aimlessness in early adulthood. It’s good to make use of a multitude of counselors if we can to gain some direction of possible. God uses means 😊

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