Armen, I was incredibly blessed by your encouragement today. While I could relate to everything you've said (and could comment on all, especially preaching and Dr. Lloyd-Jones), I was most especially struck with the conversations aspect of family worship. In fact, as a practice connected to the week's preaching, I used to ask our children, "Did you see Christ in the Word preached?" and "How did Christ speak to you in this Sunday's sermon?" typically, on the way home from services. For us, conversations were most active when we were away from home and attending another church. With daily devotions, dinner table readings of missionary biographies, and then when I asked those questions of a message I preached, though they didn't say it, I could see on their faces that they wanted to utter, "We heard the same things about Jesus we always hear from you day after day, year after year." Nevertheless, it is as you said, they'll pick up on things just as you mentioned you had from your grandfather. They may not seem like the Word is sinking in, but all we need do is be faithful. Since it's the Holy Spirit's work to glorify Christ, testify of Christ, teach them what Christ has said, and guide them in all things, we may not see the fruit right away, but I'm amazed at what they've remembered. Lord bless you, brother. I continue to encourage our congregation here in Alaska to supplement their spiritual growth with the Family Worship Companion.

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I love the image of the children sighing at your (necessary) repetitious questions. Sounds familiar!

Thank you, Jon. I am very encouraged by your remarks, brother.

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Mar 9, 2023Liked by Armen Thomassian

Amen! Though alone, I should still have conversation about what God reveals with a roommate, a colleague and even with my church family who can be encouraged by it. Also, I can pray for strength and wisdom for the fathers and mothers in my church to have faithful family worship. These important conversations remind me of Deuteronomy 11:18-19 "And ye shall teach them your children...when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up" In God's remarkable economy of the family unit , the principles taught during family worship and related conversations can/should continue all the day long and I appreciate how God designed it that way.

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