About Family Worship Companion

Hi, my name is Armen Thomassian. I am the Pastor of Faith FPC, Greenville, SC. Faith FPC is a member of the FPCNA.

Family Worship Companion is first and foremost a ministry to Faith FPC. If I could open the Bible with each individual and family under my care, what would I say?

  1. I would walk through the Bible sequentially.

  2. I would walk through the Bible Christologically.

  3. I would walk through the Bible practically.

As often as other responsibilities will permit, I will release a 10 minute overview of a chapter of the Bible. Moving from Genesis to Revelation, the goal will be to see the glories of the person and work of Christ, with relevant and practical takeaways for children, young adults, parents, seniors, etc, that each can immediately apply to their lives.

The intention is not to replace individual or family worship, but to encourage and supplement the worship of God in every household. It may also function as a help in other settings (read the guide for ideas).

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Breath From Heaven

At the end of 2022, SermonAudio.com published my first book, Breath From Heaven. If you would like to understand revival from a biblical perspective, those in the US can get a copy here. Also in CAD and the UK.

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FWC is a helpful guide to see gospel truth in every chapter of the Bible, with 4-7 points of application. At least one video each week to meditate on with your family.


A reformed pastor serving in Greenville, SC. Armen is from N.I. and has pastored in AUS and CAN. He teaches at Geneva Reformed Seminary and is an ordained minister of the FPCNA, where credo and paedobaptists have labored together for 70+ years.