Guide to Using Family Worship Companion

Family Worship Companion is an ongoing project to go consecutively through every chapter of the Bible with a practical and Christ centered emphasis. The only exception will be Proverbs, which will be skipped initially. God willing, Proverbs will be studied after every other book of the Old Testament and New Testament is covered.

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Using Family Worship Companion

This is a tool to help parents fulfill Deuteronomy 6:4-9. In a bygone day, family worship was conducted every morning and evening. In Pastor Armen’s home, his wife reads and prays with the children in the morning, and Pastor leads in family worship after the evening meal.

Family worship does not have to be complicated. If there are time constraints, read a few verses and pray (5 minutes). But aim for around 20 minutes. Daily and brief beats sporadic and long.

Since FWC videos are not released daily, I suggest:

  1. Doing something else on days where there is no video. For example, you might try slowly working through J. C. Ryle’s works on the Gospels.

  2. Read a chapter together. Think about and discuss the chapter. Then watch a video on the following day. Perhaps discuss only one or two points of application each day.

How else might Family Worship Companion be used?

  • Individuals that wish to supplement their study of Scripture.

  • Mothers that homeschool and are looking for something with a little more meat for children that have outgrown children’s Bible story books. The Family Worship Companion could be a useful addition to your curriculum.

  • Teachers that wish to use it as a basis for discussion with their class at school or Sunday School.

  • Employers that wish to start their day of business with brief biblical instruction for those they employ.

These are just a few ideas. If you are using FWC in a different way, we would love to hear about it.

We have included notes. You can also subscribe to the audio as a podcast. Feel free to use whatever is best for your context. All we ask is that, if you find the material helpful, share the website with others via email or social media. We have heard of a pastor encouraging their entire congregation to make use of FWC. That is a great way to strengthen the spiritual discussion within families.

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