Genesis 30: Jacob's 20 Years of Fatherhood and ServitudeWatch now (11 min) | God proves He is able to bless and fulfill His Word with a family with internal conflict and under external oppression.
Genesis 29: Jacob is Deceived by LabanWatch now (11 min) | Having given evidence of his deceptive nature, Jacob learns that what goes around comes around.
Genesis 28: A Stairway to God for JacobWatch now (10 min) | Due to the threat of Esau's, Jacob is sent to Haran to find a wife from the connections to his extended family.
Genesis 27: Isaac Fails to Bestow the Blessing on EsauWatch now (11 min) | God sends a clear message that His blessing is gracious, not merited, and He gives it to those whom He chooses.
Genesis 26: Isaac Follows in Abraham’s FootstepsWatch now (10 min) | From the sin of denying his wife, to the wisdom of building altars for worship, Isaac reflects much of what was good and bad in his…
Genesis 25: Life After AbrahamWatch now (11 min) | Isaac and Rebekah are made to weep over childlessness. But the joy they imagined with the birth of Jacob and Esau is not without…
The Power of a ConversationWatch now (12 min) | Encouragement for March: Why You Must Keep the Discussions Alive

February 2023

Genesis 24: Abraham's Servant Finds Rebekah for IsaacWatch now (11 min) | What are your thoughts on arranged marriages? For Isaac and Rebekah it was a marriage arranged in heaven.
Genesis 23: Sarah's Death and GraveWatch now (8 min) | After many decades of marriage, Abraham is separated from his beloved wife.
Genesis 22: Abraham Commanded to Offer IsaacWatch now (11 min) | God tests Abraham and it becomes a glorious revelation of gospel promise.
Genesis 21: Redemptive Fulfillment by the Birth of IsaacWatch now (11 min) | Isaac's birth presents gospel conflict through Ishmael's persecution, and Abraham must remain faithful to God.
Genesis 20: God’s Faithfulness Amid Abraham’s Foolishness Before AbimelechWatch now (10 min) | Abraham shows again why the entire plan of God cannot rest in the hands of mere men. This is why man's deliverer must be God…