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Exodus 1: Israel Molested But Multiplying

Genesis 50: Jacob is Buried and Joseph Dies

Genesis 49: Jacob Blesses His Sons and Dies

Genesis 48: Jacob Blesses Ephraim and Manasseh

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3 Reasons for Daily Family Prayer

Genesis 47: Joseph Introduces His Family and Provides for the Egyptians

Genesis 46: Jacob and His Family Move to Egypt

Genesis 45: Joseph Reveals His Identity

Genesis 44: Joseph's Final Test and Judah's Intervention

Genesis 43: The Return of Joseph's Brothers to Egypt

Genesis 42: Joseph and His Brothers Meet

Genesis 41: Joseph is God's Man in an Ungodly World

Genesis 40: Joseph in a Dungeon with Dreamers

Genesis 39: Joseph's Slavery in Egypt

Satan Hindered Us

Genesis 38: Judah, Tamar, and the Mercy of God

The Thoughts of the Diligent

Genesis 37: Joseph Dreams and is Sold as a Slave

Genesis 36: Esau's Genealogy and the Illusion of Greatness

Genesis 35: Jacob Returns to Bethel

Genesis 34: Remissness, Rape, and Revenge

F.A.T.H.E.R.S, Provoke Not Your Children

Genesis 33: Jacob and Esau Reconcile

Genesis 32: Jacob the Supplanter Becomes Israel the Supplicator

Genesis 31: Jacob's Flight From Laban

Genesis 30: Jacob's 20 Years of Fatherhood and Servitude

Genesis 29: Jacob is Deceived by Laban

Genesis 28: A Stairway to God for Jacob

Genesis 27: Isaac Fails to Bestow the Blessing on Esau

Genesis 26: Isaac Follows in Abraham’s Footsteps

Genesis 25: Life After Abraham

The Power of a Conversation

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Genesis 24: Abraham's Servant Finds Rebekah for Isaac

Genesis 23: Sarah's Death and Grave

Genesis 22: Abraham Commanded to Offer Isaac

Genesis 21: Redemptive Fulfillment by the Birth of Isaac

Genesis 20: God’s Faithfulness Amid Abraham’s Foolishness Before Abimelech

Genesis 19: Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed

Genesis 18: Abraham's Friendship With God

Genesis 17: A Covenant Keeping God

Genesis 16: Abraham Walks by Sight

Genesis 15: A Gracious Covenant Confirmed

Genesis 14: The War of the Kings

Dad, Keep Going On!

Genesis 13: Abraham the Selfless Peacemaker

Genesis 12: God‘s Call to Abraham

Genesis 11: Babel and Divine Judgment

Genesis 10: The Table of Nations

Genesis 9: A Fresh Start but Similar Problems

Genesis 8: God Remembers Noah and All That Was With Him in the Ark

Genesis 7: The Ark is the Only Way to Escape Judgment

Genesis 6: God Must Cleanse the World

Genesis 5: Only God Can Prevent Death

Genesis 4: A Good Shepherd is Martyred

Genesis 3: The Fall of Man and the Grace of God

Genesis 2: God Puts Man In a Garden Temple

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Genesis 1: The Creation of the World